Who Is Laser Hair Removal Not Suitable For?

Some people may have a higher risk for complications from laser hair removal. These people include those with certain skin conditions, such as skin disease or pregnancy. Some of the most common risks include hyperpigmentation and keloid scars. Other people may be unsuitable for laser hair removal in Dubai if they have vitiligo, a condition that causes depigmentation of the skin. Patients with a history of severe histamine reactions are also unsuitable for laser hair removal.


If you’re pregnant, you may be wondering whether laser hair removal is safe for you. While many women experience extra hair during their pregnancy, most of it will disappear as soon as the hormones return. However, some hair may stay. In this case, you should wait until you’re past your pregnancy to undergo laser hair removal. You may want to look into other options such as shaving, plucking, or waxing to get rid of the unwanted hair permanently.

While you can use at-home hair dissolving creams to remove unwanted hair, you should avoid lasers. They can harm your unborn baby and can have side effects. Also, laser hair removal may require multiple sessions, which should be avoided if you’re pregnant.

People with skin disease:

Certain conditions can prevent you from getting the desired results from laser hair removal. For instance, you shouldn’t have the procedure if you have hypertrophic or keloid scars. In some cases, people with vitiligo – a skin disease characterized by depigmentation – can undergo laser hair removal. Also, you shouldn’t have the procedure unless your dermatologist approves it. And if you’re pregnant, you should postpone it.

Before undergoing laser hair removal, you should be healthy and avoid hot baths and saunas. In addition, avoid using retinol or glycolic acid creams. It’s also recommended that you avoid fake tans. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen.

People with light hair:

People with light hair are not recommended for laser hair removal, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. Most people with light hair should dye their hair a dark color before trying laser hair removal. This is because light hair doesn’t have pigment and is harder for lasers to detect.

Laser hair removal treatments are effective on all skin types and colors, but it’s not always effective on people with light hair. The lasers used are attracted to dark hair, so they work best on those with dark hair. However, there are some procedures designed for light-haired people.