What Equipment Are Necessary For a School Laboratory?

What equipment do you need to have in your school laboratory? Safety checklists are essential. Then, there is electrically powered equipment. You also need space for planning and teacher preparation. And finally, you need safe storage for your laboratory supplies. Hopefully, you now have an idea of what you need to buy from school laboratory equipment suppliers in UAE. But if you’re still not sure, continue reading! Here are some helpful tips for getting your school laboratory ready for your students.

Safety checklists

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations for the use of chemicals in schools and other places of work, and school laboratories are no exception. The risks and hazards associated with STEM-based lab work can be high, and safety checklists can help teachers and students navigate these waters. Additionally, they serve as a legal document demonstrating the school’s commitment to a safe work environment. Below are three ways safety checklists for school laboratories can help ensure that students, teachers, and staff are working in a safe environment.

Electrically powered equipment

When choosing electrically powered equipment for your school laboratory, you should take a few important things into account. The first is the type of power supply used. The lab should have a standard three-conductor line cord, not a two-prong cheater. Make sure that the power cord is rated for 110-volts or higher. Then, you should consider what size of batteries you need. Some labs have a combination of both.

Gloves to protect hands from chemical spills

The primary purpose of chemical-resistant gloves is to prevent chemical spills, but they are not foolproof. It is important to check gloves for pinholes before use. Likewise, gloves must be removed before touching common-use surfaces. Using gloves outside of the laboratory can compromise their effectiveness. To protect your hands from chemical spills, use gloves that are made specifically for laboratory work. For example, nitrile gloves are designed for use with solvents that can cause damage to the skin.

Fire safety equipment

There are many important aspects of fire safety in the school laboratory. Fire safety equipment is essential because a fire in a laboratory can be extremely harmful to the people in the room. The first step is to make sure that all laboratory workers are wearing the proper protective equipment. These items include an apron and gloves, safety goggles, and face shields. When performing tests in the lab, these items should be kept in a central location where the entire staff can easily access them.