Useful Information About Different Plumbing Pipes

If you’re interested in plumbing, you’ll be glad to know that there are various kinds of pipes. There are PVC pipes, ABS pipes, steel pipes, and cast iron pipes used by most plumbing services companies in Dubai. These pipes are commonly used in main supply lines, drainage systems, swimming pools, and spas. Each type of pipe is designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure and comes in different thicknesses.

Steel pipes:

Steel is a strong and durable metal, and this makes it useful for plumbing purposes. It can withstand high pressure, shock, and vibrations, and it can bend rather than break, making it a popular choice for pipe installation. Its versatility also makes it useful for other applications besides plumbing. For example, steel pipes can be used in ship boilers and superheaters. They are also popular in the textile industry.

PEX pipes:

PEX pipes are synthetic pipes with a wide range of uses. They were first introduced in the late 1960s and were initially used in radiant floor heating systems, but only in the 1980s did they make their way into the residential plumbing world. These pipes are available in various lengths and diameters and can carry a wide range of water and other liquids.

However, the chemical composition of tap water can be affected by the type of pipes used in the home. As a result, homeowners should be very aware of the composition of the water they consume. Different brands of PEX pipes leach different compounds that can alter the taste and smell of water.

ABS pipes:

ABS pipes are rigid, black plastic pipes used in draining and venting systems. If you notice cracks on your ABS pipe, it is most likely due to a leak in its interior. The most accessible location to inspect your ABS pipes is in the attic. Look for cracks that run around the pipe’s circumference.

Although ABS and PVC pipes have similar characteristics, ABS has a few advantages. For one, it is non-toxic and more durable. However, both are less resistant to heat and abrasion. Additionally, ABS pipes are easier to install.

Cast iron pipes:

Cast iron plumbing pipes are prone to developing cracks over time. It is best to have a plumbing service specialist inspect your piping system and determine the best way to replace it. If your piping system is installed through the foundation, it may be best to go with a PVC piping system.