What does a therapist do? Therapist basically helps the people to improve their lives and improve their mental state. Being a therapist means you’ll be having an illuminating future. There are different kinds of therapies and you can pursue your career in the kind of therapy which appeals you the most. In this article, we are going to discuss few of the basic types of therapist and then you can decide a type which you find more interesting so you can excel your career in that field only.

Let’s have a look at the types of therapists.

Marriage and family counselor: The people who are having issues with their spouse or their family can address their issues to the marriage and family counselor. The therapist take all the details from you and they will keep taking the sessions until you get back to the normal state. They’ll mostly talk about the behavior of the people around you. They might not directly give the option of divorce or separation rather they will give you tips on how to lead a happy life with your spouse. Even after all this, if things don’t become right then they might give you an option of divorce or separation because they’ll be well aware with your condition and they’ll refer the divorce therapist on your own.

Addiction therapist: Addiction therapist are trained so people can overcome their addictions. They might ask the questions related to your past. Some therapists might conduct the individual meeting but there are some therapists who call people in groups so this way they can support each other and can overcome the addiction together.

Divorce therapist: The people who are failing in their marriage consult the divorce therapist. Divorce therapist conducts a meeting with both the partners at different times or sometimes at the same time. The most common topics discussed in the meeting are the communication between both the partners, the relation between both the families etc.

Child therapist: The children under the age of 17 usually pay a visit to these types of therapists. At this age, they are going through hormonal changes which cause major changes in their personality.

Eating disorder therapist: Eating disorder therapist helps people to transform their bad eating habits in to good eating habits. There’s always a solid reason behind the eating disorder so they try to find out the reasons and work on it to overcome this issue.

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