Things to Check before Setting up a Company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Before setting up your company in the Sharjah media city freezone, you must obtain a license from the entity licensing authority. As a start, you will need to choose a name. The free zone authority will require you to propose three prospective names for your business. You must make sure that none of them is already used by another entity. The name must also not be too similar to another entity.

Must follow procedures:

When setting up a company in Sharjah Media City, there are several things to be aware of. First of all, companies must follow certain procedures to be registered. For example, a Sharjah Media City company must have accounting records and should prepare annual financial statements. A Sharjah Media City free zone company can register a foreign company if it is a sister company. In this case, Sharjah Media City Free Zone consultants can help you through this process.

Verify whether the company you are interested in is registered in the zone:

Before setting up a company in the Sharjah Media City free zone, you should consider important factors. The first thing you need to do is verify whether the company you are interested in is registered in the zone. Companies in the free zone must keep accounting records and prepare annual financial statements. In some cases, the state will request such information. You can approach a company formation consultant, who will care for all these details in such cases.

Accounting records:

If you plan to set up a company in Sharjah media town, you need to keep accounting records for your business. The Sharjah media city is a free zone in the UAE that provides various advantages to business owners. The first advantage of the free zone is its low investment cost. Apart from this, you can take advantage of the outstanding services and amenities offered by the media town. This free zone has been set up to become the benchmark for all other free zones in the UAE. Its smart design, cutting-edge technology, and value-added capabilities will make it easier for business owners or entrepreneurs.

If you are a new business owner, you may be wondering if you should set up a company in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS). This media and creative hub is located in the heart of the emirate and is attracting more foreign investors. Its benefits include total ownership of your company, tax-free business profits, and affordable business facility rentals. What’s more, there are no currency restrictions.