Things to Be Aware Of When Buying IVT Flooring

There are many aspects of IVT flooring in Dubai to consider. These include wear layer thickness, patterns, price, and installation. Keep reading to learn about these features and more! We’ll discuss each in more detail! Read on to find out more about this flooring type! Here are some tips to make your purchase a success! After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to choosing IVT flooring for your home!

Wear layer thickness

When buying IVT flooring, one thing to look for is the wear layer thickness. The thickness of a layer is usually measured in millimeters, but a few millimeters may mean a lot of difference in some cases. The wear layer thickness for a residential project should be in the 12 to the 20-mil range. Less heavily used areas can handle lower-strength layers.


When comparing prices for luxury vinyl plank flooring, a few things need to be considered. The most expensive option can cost anywhere from AED1 to AED5 per square foot. In addition to that, the cost of installation and disposal should be considered. If you’re planning to install luxury vinyl flooring in your home, consider getting the work done. Some of these types of flooring come with a warranty, which ensures a lifetime of quality service.


There are several benefits to installing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring. For one, it is easier to clean and maintain than carpet. For another, it is a great choice for any home because it can be installed over an existing floor, saving both time and money. While sheet vinyl is the cheapest option, it does not hold up as well as luxury vinyl planks, which can be removed and replaced individually. Whether you choose a pre-fabricated floor or a custom-made one, follow all installation and maintenance instructions to ensure a smooth and beautiful finish.


In choosing luxury vinyl tiles, there are several patterns to consider. The most common are zigzag and offset. Both are effective for creating a random and unique look. You can also consider a more traditional pattern like marbled tile. In this case, you can install the tiles at an offset angle or weave them. Each option gives you different effects, so it’s important to find a pattern that suits your home’s design aesthetic.