Equipment Required for Audio Recording

Audio recording is a rewarding activity. Thanks to affordable technology, anyone can create high-quality recordings in their own home. The best recording and music studio in Dubai is no longer the exclusive domain of multi-millionaire recording artists. Buying and setting up recording equipment is a challenging process that requires a significant learning curve. Nevertheless, these tools are essential for any home studio. Here are a few things that every home studio should have.

A mixing board:

A mixing board is a computer or an iPad. A mixing board can record audio tracks with up to 20 channels. These devices also allow the users to adjust levels and add effects to the recordings. Choosing a mixer depends on the type of recording you want to do. The amount of processing power and memory needed to process and mix audio is crucial in a home recording studio.

A computer:

Most people use a laptop or an iPad for their recording setup. However, some people prefer analog equipment due to its affordability or convenience. A dedicated recording machine is required if you plan to mix audio tracks. A microphone stand is also essential. Handheld microphones are not practical for recording and are not particularly suitable for home recording. USB microphones often come with a stand. And, while you should invest in a good microphone, always choose a quality product.

An audio interface:

An audio interface enables you to connect a microphone to your computer. Its price and portability make it an ideal option for home recording. NI Komplete Audio and Focusrite 2i2 are two popular examples of USB interfaces. The USB interface also allows you to record with headphones. A microphone stand is a must for recording. Mic stands are not practical for handheld use. An appropriate mic stand is also essential for capturing audio.


A keyboard is an essential part of a recording studio. It is the most important tool for a recording studio. Whether creating music for personal enjoyment or professional work, a keyboard is essential. It’s easy to set up and works with Pro Tools and your favorite DAW software. The keypad has enough keys to play various melodies. These are essential tools that you need to establish your recording studio.